What We Do


Conceptual Design

At Arcadia, we believe in doing things right the first time. We offer conceptual engineering and design expertise on a wide range of building and industrial facilities and related infrastructure and other facilities.

Our concept and front-end engineering design services include the following

  • Preliminary engineering & feasibility studies
  • Concept development & alternatives evaluation
  • Site identification & evaluation
  • Project & scope definition review
  • Cost estimating & schedule development
  • Identification & investigation of long lead items
  • Hazard & operability studies / hazard identification

Detailed Engineering

Arcadia performs detailed engineering and procurement for a range of facilities and related infrastructure, including brownfield and greenfield developments.

Detailed engineering is undertaken by project teams using the latest design tools, with competency assessment being applied to ensure the right personnel are deployed. Standardisation and new technology application are managed with the client to maximise the whole life cycle costs of a project.

Our detailed engineering services cover the following

  • Civil and Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Process
  • Instrumentation & Telecommunications
  • Piping layout
  • LEED Design
  • Permitting support

The kinds of projects we typically undertake include:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Design (Interior / Architectural / Structural / MEP / LEED)
  • General Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Ground Engineering
  • Railway Structures and Infrastructure
  • Bridge Renovation and Replacement
  • Temporary Works including Cofferdams, Excavation Stability, Falsework and Demolition
  • Rail & Highway Bridgeworks and Structures
  • Highway Engineering
  • Deep Sea Port Engineering


Our procurement and contract administration team has in-depth knowledge and experience.

Arcadia’s procurement services aim to ensure timely delivery of all project materials and services, in line with required specifications and within defined budgets. Our services range from preparation of contracting and procurement strategies to detailed site material control.

Our procurement philosophy is built upon open and consistent communication with all parties involved with purchasing equipment, materials and services. We insist on high ethical, moral and fair practice standards when dealing with equipment vendors and other service providers.

If issues arise with your vendors, we help to identify alternative solutions and do everything possible to keep the project on track and on budget.

Our procurement and contract administration team has in-depth knowledge and experience of:

  • Supplier qualification and selection (Vendor List)
  • FIDIC, NEC 2 and 3 suite of conditions
  • Application of client’s generic conditions
  • Contract tender documents and contract management
  • Site and Head Office Based contract administration
  • Management and interface with client appointed QS as applicable
  • Procurement and Contract Administration is offered as an independent function, or as part of an integrated Project Management Team

Project Management

Our experienced teams keep your project moving forward toward successful start-up and operations.

Arcadia’s team of project & construction management professionals provide project & construction management services for an entire project.
We are able to tailor our services for a specific portion of a project value chain.
Arcadia project management teams focus on client priorities, making sure business objectives are met in the most safe, cost-effective and timely manner.
Our objective is to bring projects in on time and within budget. Arcadia teams utilise the expertise of many different people to ensure the ultimate quality and integrity of the project.

Project Controls

The project scope is defined by the establishment of the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), which form the basis of the generation of the Project Schedule and Capital Cost Estimate on any given project.

Construction Management

We carefully select construction management teams according to the project scope and provide them with the necessary project tools and documentation to ensure success. We involve our construction management teams at the early stages of the job. In-house developed construction management procedures ensure the continuity and consistency of our services.

PM/CM Services

  • Preliminary contracting & project management plan
  • Change & risk management
  • Cost estimating & value engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Quality assurance & integrity management
  • Document control
  • Project progress reporting procedures
  • HSE activity coordination & site safety management
  • Construction management
  • Mechanical completion & hook-up management
  • Commissioning supervision


Sustainability is a new economic factor guiding modern businesses: it is the measure of future costs. As global sources of energy reach a premium, so future costs increasingly become relevant to a project’s viability.

Arcadia understands the bigger picture and plans with clients to minimise such impacts on your building’s success.

We take a holistic view of the entire project and devise the most advanced design, construction approach and day-to- day operations to find the most innovative solutions to complex issues.

These innovations generate interrelated benefits of reduced maintenance costs, lower utility overheads, reduce waste and pollution output, increased tenant satisfaction, and improved risk management throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Holistic Planning

Arcadia’s sustainability team is fully compliant with the latest LEED Certification standards. In combination with in-depth engineering design professionals, our sustainability team is able to apply these sustainability standards throughout:

  • Architectural design
  • Transport planning
  • Facade design and engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Materials and procurement
  • Construction

We deliver on-going benefits to any project

Arcadia’s intelligent services generate interrelated benefits of:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower utility overheads
  • Reduced waste and pollution output
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Improved risk management throughout the project’s life cycle

Innovations generated through sustainability planning are delivered back to the client in terms of cost-savings, lower maintenance costs, better traffic flow and circulation. These are assessed with stakeholders before construction starts to measure each against detailed financial targets. Arcadia’s continual feedback process ensures that each sustainability project delivers tangible benefits to both financial and community stakeholders.


Arcadia Engineering, offers a “one stop” package of services to companies wishing to take advantage of the declining prices of solar technology to install PV solar electricity - generating systems on premises they own or rent.

Our services harness the expertise needed to formulate and implement solar investment projects successfully and profitably. These range from early financial evaluation, to technical validation, and through to detailed programmes for post-installation operations and performance monitoring. These can be particularly attractive to companies where PV is a non-activity.

Solar Energy Solutions

We offer strategic advice on a number of related issues which are now emerging in a fast-moving field. These include:

  • The use of on-site energy storage to increase the proportion of self-consumption and the economic link to net metering systems
  • Possibilities to promote the development of VPPs (virtual power plants) with neighbouring enterprises and to sell electricity to destinations other than utilities
  • Integration of solar energy installations into demand response (DR) systems to shave peak electricity usage from the grid
  • Investment programmes offering a combination of cost-effective and green. In particular, these programmes can link investment in both renewables and energy efficiency. This can be integrated through LEED certification services.

We deliver on-going benefits to any project

Arcadia’s intelligent services generate interrelated benefits of:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower utility overheads
  • Reduced waste and pollution output
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Improved risk management throughout the project’s life cycle

Our services

We offer either directly or through a growing network of associates:

  • Advisory/Consultancy
  • Energy Policy and Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • EPC
  • EPCM
  • Construction Management
  • Inspections/Supervision
  • Third Party Certification
  • Design and Installation Sectors
  • Solar Roof Top
  • Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaics
  • Solar Farm
  • Solar Cell Factories